Alex Stan Campbell

Author of The Ugly One in the Middle

This is where you can buy the funny, wicked, romantic and touching story of an adoptee’s search for his identity through four divorces and too many affairs. Okay, we know that’s a lot to cram into a book but read what other’s have said about, “The Ugly One in the Middle”

“The Ugly One in the Middle is a beautiful journey that carries you to a new destination, if you are brave enough to go.”
Devon O’Day, Nashville Radio Host-Author-Hit Songwriter

“I laughed and I cried my way through the book, a fascinating story that had to be told!”
Jim – Police Officer

“Absolutely a GREAT, funny, bring tears to your eyes, book Stan. What a page turner…I couldn’t put it down from the time I opened it in the morning
Nancy  Ryan- Singer-Songwriter